General Research & Education Fund
Help support research, education and the dissemination of information with the
                                             General Research and Education Fund

The General Research and Education Fund is the basis of the RCI Foundation (RCIF). The fund exists to support research projects, education and the resulting dissemination of that information as a contribution to the building envelope industry as a whole. Within the past few years, RCIF has awarded grants to such institutions as North Carolina State University, the University of Southern California, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and a partnership with The Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Department of Energy, to name a few.
Most recently, the RCI Foundation has awarded funding to the Coalition for Procurement Reform (CPR), to facilitate the creation collection of educational material designed to educate both the public and various organizations on the comparative cost of cooperative procurement contracting vs open-bid competitive contracting.

During the past two years, RCI Foundation-funded research grants have been awarded to NC State University's Professor Sooyleon Cho for the development of an online application for the optimization of roof functionality in commercial buildings. Not only did this project provide an innovative tool in the roofing industry, it allowed his research students invaluable experience to further their education and careers.

In 2015, a research grant was awarded to Professor Joon-Ho Choi of the University of Southern California for the development of a web-based tool for green-roof design. Head over to our "What Are We Doing Now?" page to find out more.

Over at Virginia Tech, Dr. Elizabeth Grant and her research students have spent countless hours gathering and measuring data for their project, descriptively entitled, "The Influence of Roof Color on Ambient Air and Roof and Adjacent Wall Surface Temperatures."  The final report of their project was just recently presented at the RCI Annual Convention and Trade Show, as well as published Architectural Science Review.  The RCI Foundation would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations on this achievement to both Dr. Grant and her students.

RCIF has also recently assumed the role of primary sponsor in the updating of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Roof Savings Calculator. The RCI Foundation, along with 15 other industry partners, are looking forward to updates and reports on this industry-wide sponsored project.

Are you looking for funding for a research project or educational tool? The RCI Foundation may be the perfect fit for you, as we're always looking to the horizon for new ways to help our industry. Please visit our "Grants" page for information on how you can submit a request to be reviewed by our board.