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29 Students Sponsored for 2017 Annual Convention & Trade Show
Continuing its tradition of enabling students to learn using real-life experiences and education, the RCI Foundations are proud to again sponsor 29 students from colleges across the US and Canada to attend the 32th Annual Convention & Trade show in Anaheim, California!
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The University of Southern California for Professor Joon-Ho Choi and research students to develop a support tool using finely tuned performance modeling with calibration based on actual measured data from existing best practices in order to provide stakeholders with readily applicable and reliable green roof design solution or new and renovated building projects. 
Click here to view the final report of the USC research project entitled, "Climate-Responsive Evidence-Based Green-Roof Design Decision Support for the U.S. Climate".

Optimization of Roof Functionality in Commercial Buildings

Led by Soolyeon Cho, PhD; Jianxin Hu, PhD; and Wayne Place, PE, PhD, of NC State University College of Design and Architecture received funding for the development of a new tool to examine the challenges faced by building practitioners when trying to address the roof, its roles and functions for the design of sustainable buildings. 

This new project will raise will raise awareness of the importance of optimizing the use of roofs on commercial buildings, as well as offering a new paradigm for building practitioners to systematically approach, design and develop roofs as a key platform to achieve the U.S. Department of Energy’s Net-Zero Commercial Building Initiative, and Carbon-Neutral buildings by 2025 and 2030, respectively.

This project’s goal is to develop a user-friendly tool for the selection of optimal strategies for high-performance roof design and development, considering key parameters such as climate conditions, building usage, and HVAC system types.

The University of Toronto Daniels Faculty Center for Landscape Research received support from the Foundation as well as the Foundation Canada to purchase testing and monitoring instrumentation needed to collect and analyze data regarding the performance of green roofs and photovoltaic panels. The research has just been completed!  

Student Sponsorships to the RCI International Convention and Trade Show

The RCI Foundation and RCI, Inc. believe providing students with real-world exposure to the building envelope is valuable for many reasons. In 2012, the RCI Foundation provided funding to create eight student scholarships for full-time students from a variety of fields of study to attend the RCI, Inc. 
International Convention and Trade Show. In 2013, the RCI Foundation decided to continue this tradition by providing funding for another 18 students to attend the RCI International Convention and Trade Show. 

Green Roof Performance Protocol, Puget Sound/Georgia Basin
Provided research funding to the University of Washington's, Green Futures Laboratory to create a green roof performance evaluation protocol tailored to the Puget Sound/Georgia Basin region and to standardize evaluation processes for comparative analysis for this region and beyond.

 History of Additional Grants Funded 
  •  Provided funding for the revision of published monograph, Wind Loads on Low-Slope Roofs, authored by Stephen Patterson, RRC, PE; and Madan Mehta, PhD.
  • Provided one-time funding to the Missouri University of Science and Technology to hire a graduate student in the area of construction science research.
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  • Provided funding for research and partnership with Virginia Tech's Center for High Performance Environments (CHPE) program, which takes a holistic approach to the design of teaching laboratories and integrating appropriate technology into the 21st-century classroom. Click Here
  • Provided funding to develop Canadian course content for three RCI educational programs: Roof Technology & Science I & II, and Rooftop Quality Assurance.
  •  Hosted a national summit, "Setting a Research Agenda for Roofing," one of a proposed series of summits addressing the future of the building envelope. Results presented at the 2010 RCI International Convention and Trade Show.
  •  Provided funding to RCI members through a Special Educational Grant Program (SEG). This initiative was undertaken by the RCI Foundation to address the educational needs of RCI members during this economic downturn.
  • Granted funding to assist the Virginia Association of Roofing Professionals to develop an educational website and informational brochure on the benefits and limitations of cooperative procurement for capital and new construction projects. Click Here 
  •  Held an international symposium entitled "Symposium on Building Envelope Sustainability" in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory, National Institute of Building Sciences, Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council, and National Research Council Canada.
  • Held an international symposium entitled "Cool Roofing...Cutting Through the Glare," held in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and National Research Council Canada.
  •  Provided research funding to WESTCON for reliable techniques for flashing storefront windows in stucco facades. Research found in Interface March 2010 Issue. Click Here
  •  Allocated funding for the Central Texas Green Roof Study at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas.
  • Provided funding to MetroHealth Hospital for the first green roof on a hospital. This project is an ongoing study collecting data on the comparative benefits of this new roof versus more traditional types of roofing materials. Click Here
  • Provided research funding to the Roofing Industry Committee on Weather Issues for its study on resistance of roofing systems to hail.
  • Supplied research funding with RCI Canada for an online Wind Uploader Calculator. Click Here
  • Assisted RCI, Inc. with its publication of "What You Really Ought to Know ... Understanding the Value of Roof Consulting Services."
  •  Assisted RCI, Inc. with its publication of the Manual of Practice.
  • Provided funding for RCI, Inc. to participate with the National Roofing Contractors Association on the development of a roofing industry energy awareness campaign.
  •  Provided research funding to the University of Toronto Daniels School of Architecture's three-year Green Roof – Photovoltaic Research Program. Click Here